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Am I accepting books for review?

- Yes! I would love to see if your book would be a good fit for me to read and review.

What genres do I enjoy?

- I'm partial to YA books, but I also enjoy historical fiction, biography/memoirs, New Adult, and LGBTQ stories.

What genres will I not accept?

- Political, Horror, and Erotica. No thank you.

What formats do I prefer?

- Print mostly, but ebooks are good as well as long as they are supported by iBooks, epub, Adobe Digital Editions, or Kobo. (I'm willing to work with Kindle or Nook editions as long as the book sounds like a good enough fit.)

Are you a self-publsihed author or indie publisher?

- Let's talk! If the book sounds good, I'm interested.

How long does a review take for me?

- I do work full time outside of the literary world, so I read as much as I can, when I can, but reviews take work. That being said, my typical timeframe is 1-2 reviews every two weeks. Sometimes it'll be longer if the books are larger or if a  full series is being set aside to review.


My rating system is as follows:

 5- Loved everything about it! Will recommend heavily.

 4- Good story, but no wow factor or have read something similar. Will recommend.

 3- Good story, but wouldn't read again.

 2- Missing that something special, wouldn't recommend.

 1- Too many errors, no storyline, typically a Did Not Finish book for me.

*I don't lable ratings as stars on my blog. I pull from the book instead. An example would be if I were rating a Harry Potter book, I would say '5/5 properly cast spells' rather than stars.

How to reach me:

 -Email: rhanebowreads@gmail.com

 -Facebook: facebook.com/rhanebowreads

 -Instagram: instagram.com/rhanebowreads

 -Twitter: twitter.com/rhanebowreads

 -Goodreads: goodreads.com/rhanebowreads

 -NetGalley: netgalley.com/rhanebowreads

Where will reviews be posted?

 -All reviews will show up on this site first but will also be shared on my Facebook page, an image posted with a link to the review on my Instagram page, a quick summary review with a link to this page on the book's Goodreads page, and a link to this page's post will be shared on my Twitter as well. (Any additonal postings or shares can be discussed via email upon accepting to review the book in question.)


 -I am open to giveaways on my page(s) for followers. 

Book Review Policy

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