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Not all clones are alike. Review for "Deceived" by Heather Sunseri

June 21, 2016



I give "Deceived" 5/5 oracles.


Happy Release Day!! Thank you so much to Heather Sunseri for inviting readers and fans like myself the chance to have read this story early and enjoy it!


First off let me point out that this is a review for the newest book, which happens to be the fifth book, in this series. If you have not read the series yet, I don't think there are any real spoilers in this review but I would encourage you to start from the beginning. This series is fantastic! Now onto the review: 


More please! I absolutely love the MindSpeak series! I flew through the first four books rather quickly when I first came across them so when I received an email from Heather Sunseri saying that the fifth book was on it's way I jumped at the chance to read it as soon as I could. The fifth MindSpeak book called "Deceived" alternates between Brianna and Jonas's points of view. From the first few books Brianna wasn't my favorite person, I've always been a Lexi fan, but this story made me rethink my quick judgments of Red. Without giving too much away, her family life and the things that she has had to go through in her past have made her a much more relatable character to me. Add in that now I understand and like Jonas a lot more as well from how he sees Brianna. Mrs. Sunseri has once again written a captivating story that continues going deeper and deeper into the world of my favorite clones and characters. I can't wait to see what's coming up next for Lexi, Jack, Kyle, Raven, Addison, Jonas, and Brianna!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spoiler Section!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ok now to the part without a filter, haha! As stated above I really love the MindSpeak series as a whole. Brianna and Jonas's relationship was an interesting read and kept my attention for sure! There's another development that got me thinking though. Who is this Rai character? Is he really going to be like Boone, Bri's deceased twin brother, or is he going to try and use his appearance and stolen memories of Boone's to do something naughty? Also I think there was a possible hint of foreshadowing on Jonas's part in regards to Brianna's father while she was in her coma-like state. The deception of Mrs. Howard's was actually surprising to me also. I was thinking that she was in the story too much to be simply a filler character, but I really thought that Mr. Howard was going to be the bad guy. Kudos to Mrs. Sunseri on that one. You got me! I'm really excited to see what else comes from this series and I'm glad to see that it doesn't look to be ending anytime soon!




The passionate, impulsive Briana Howard and the sly, snarky Jonas Whitmeyer make a perfect mess of a couple. Both are stubborn, smart and sexy. They’re also human clones with supernatural powers. 

Jonas had resigned himself to a solitary life on the remote island of Palmyra, home of Sandra Whitmeyer’s clandestine clone-growing lab. With young clones now inexplicably dying, Jonas is torn between feeling responsible for cleaning up his mother’s mistakes—alone—and his desire to be with Bree. 

A heated tussle on Palmyra leaves Jonas and Briana further apart than ever. Bree storms off to Portland, Oregon, but not before encountering clones of a loved one lost long ago. 

Jonas tracks down Briana in Portland, where they race to discover the truth about ties between the Howards and the Whitmeyers against a host of obstacles and enemies. Will Jonas and Bree find a way to be together amid an ever-shifting maze of deceit, misdirection and danger unearthed by the darkest of family secrets?

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