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Review for "Secrets in the Snow" by Michaela MacColl

October 6, 2016


3/5 pairs of muddy boots.


Jane Austin mystery? Alright, you've gotten my attention. I really enjoyed the mystery and spy-game-like feel this book had. It's a fictional story about Jane Austin that I think she probably would have found entertaining. There were a lot of feelings and references to the real Jane Austin's characters in this story that were a pretty neat addition. In the book Jane's cousin, Eliza, is thought to be a spy for France during the French/English war. Jane finds this idea preposterous and sets out to prove that it is untrue with the help of one of her brothers.


After a set of twists and turns that make the truth behind Eliza's interest and involvement (or lack thereof) with the French more obvious, as well as a shocking murder this story takes you on a rough ride. The idea of a story about Jane Austin (even fictional) got my attention soon after I saw the cover for the first time. Although I did enjoy the story for what it was, I rated it a little lower simply because it is a mystery book, but I felt like that twists and turns were a little too obvious. I would still recommend this to people looking for a quick (I read it in three hours.) read that was still entertaining if not a hard to solve mystery. 


Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for the opportunity to read this book and review it!




Jane Austen's family is eager to secure her future by marrying her off. But Jane is much more interested in writing her novels, and finds every suitor lacking—until the mysterious Mr. Lefroy arrives. Could he be the one? Before Jane can find out, she must solve a murder, clear her family's name, and face a decision that might cost her true love.


~~~~~~~~~~Book Information~~~~~~~~


 Published on 10/04/2016 by Chronicle Books.


Page Count: 288


Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult


To purchase visit:


Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Books-A-Million



~~~~~~~~~~About the Author~~~~~~~~~




Michaela MacColl is a graduate of Vassar College and Yale University. She studied Russian and Soviet history while in school, is married with two daughters, and currently lives in Connecticut. She has said that she is fascinated with stories of how famous people grew up and that interest is evident in her books. In addition to "Secrets in the Snow" she has also written about Queen Victoria ("Prisoners in the Palace"), Beryl Markham ("Promise the Night"), Emily Dickinson ("Nobody's Secret"), the Bronte sisters ("Always Emily"), and Louisa May Alcott ("The Revelation of Louisa May"), among others. You can learn more about Mrs. MacColl on her website by clicking here photo above.


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