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Review for "June" by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

October 9, 2016

 5/5 dreams in Two Oaks.


Wow! This story was wonderful as well as intense. It took a bit to really get involved at first, but goodness! I actually teared up more than once reading Cassie and June's story. To loose someone close to you is never easy, but to have thought that you knew that person only to find out that you didn't know the half of their story and that you never really had the chance to ask them yourself and get to understand them is heartbreaking.


Cassie Danvers is hiding out in her late grandmother, June's, old mansion in St. Jude, Ohio feeling sorry for herself when two things happen. One she's bothered by this man who apparently has lost his mind to think that Cassie wants anything to do with him or his boss, and two she starts having these crazy dreams. "June" is told across time, alternating from Cassie's current time to her grandmother's past that is coming to Cassie through dreams (although she doesn't know that's what the dreams are). 


Once I got into this story I had a hard time putting it down. The character's were so over the top and yet so true and intriguing that I wanted to shake their hands and become friends. Miranda Beverly-Whittemore wrote a wonderful and striking story about family, love, loss, and the craziness of the life of the famous all while pulling at the heart strings. The saying of never waiting until it's too late to get to know someone is so evident in this story. I loved this book and will be certainly recommending to people.


Thank you to Blogging for Books for sending me this book to read and review that I might not have found otherwise but am so grateful to have now!




Twenty-five-year-old Cassie Danvers is holed up in her family’s crumbling mansion in rural St. Jude, Ohio, mourning the loss of the woman who raised her—her grandmother, June. But a knock on the door forces her out of isolation. Cassie has been named the sole heir to legendary matinee idol Jack Montgomery's vast fortune. How did Jack Montgomery know her name? Could he have crossed paths with her grandmother all those years ago? What other shocking secrets could June’s once-stately mansion hold?

Soon Jack’s famous daughters come knocking, determined to wrestle Cassie away from the inheritance they feel is their due. Together, they all come to discover the true reasons for June’s silence about that long-ago summer, when Hollywood came to town, and June and Jack’s lives were forever altered by murder, blackmail, and betrayal. 

As this page-turner shifts deftly between the past and present, Cassie and her guests will be forced to reexamine their legacies, their definition of family, and what it truly means to love someone, steadfastly, across the ages.


~~~~~~~~~~Book Information~~~~~~~~




Published on 05/31/2016 by Crown Publishing.


Page Count: 386


Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Adult, Thriller


To Purchase Visit:


Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Books-A-Million / Target



~~~~~~~~~~About the Author~~~~~~~~~~




"I write novels. So far, each one has been about searching for one's place in the world, which, when I think about it, is what I've been doing most of my life".



Miranda Beverly-Whittemore grew up in Senegal as a young child before moving to Vermont during her grade school years. She was a big fan of theater during high school and majored in English at Vassar College. "June" was inspired by the small town in Ohio that her grandmother grew up in and an idea of what life would have been like for that town if Hollywood came to shoot a film their in the mid-fifties, and what life would have been like for the descendants of a matinee idol and small town girl who fell for each other sixty years ago. To learn more about Mrs. Beverly-Whittemore and her books visit her website by clicking her image above.


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