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A little bit of catching up...

November 6, 2017

Hello there lovelies!


For any of you that are new to my blog, my name's Britney, I live in the beautiful sunshine state in the US. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and thankfully have never grown tired of it. In my senior year of college I stumbled upon a group of readers on Instagram that called themselves 'Bookstagramers' and became hooked on the idea of a place that we can all go and see what other people are reading and talk about books and life together as a community. Now I'm a pretty friendly person in general but these accounts were so lovely and developed that I was intimidated to start my own page at first. Well I finally convinced myself to give it a shot and have been playing around with it for around a year and a half off and on. I really enjoy it! The people in this community are so sweet and encouraging and all around just wonderful people.


That being said, the blogging world that has exploded in the past few years still make me weary. I'm not one to typically put my personal business on social media. Never have been, even in the early days of MySpace and Xanga. (Yeah, I went there, haha!) So this part is newest to me and I'm still learning and growing comfortable with it. So if you have found this page through a random search or happen to be one of my followers on my Instagram page, thank you for stopping in! I hope to make this a bit more updated and used for book speak and general life musings. If you are interested in that kind of thing please feel free to send me a message saying hi. At the moment, I have no idea if anyone is reading these so it'd be nice to know who's out there!


Now that that has been cleared away, it's goal talk time! I started the year with a reading challenge of 75 books for the year with the full intention of reviewing every single book I read this year. I found that to be highly challenging and because of my own expectations of my reviews I created a black hole with my readings as well that put me way behind schedule. (This coming from being 15 books ahead of schedule this time last year for the 2016 challenge.) So now I'm simply working on finishing up some mini challenges for the year that will in turn meet the amount of books that I wanted to read this year.


My plans are as follows:


- I want to read all of the 2017 OwlCrate books before the end of the year. I've only made it through half of the books so far so this out to be fun, haha!

- I want to read and (hopefully) review all of the books that have been sent to me this year, whether because I requested them or they were sent to me from a random pool.

- I also want to try and catch up on all of my ongoing series up to their most recent publication. This challenge will be a bonus one for me just because of how daunting the other two are.


I currently work 45 hours a week and spend nearly 10 hours commuting to my job a week. I'm also working through some changes at my job that have made my anxiety and depression flair up something series, so I'm hoping that my books will help me escape in the best ways for a bit. If any of you are dealing with these same issues and would like someone to talk to I'm easy to reach. All of my contact information is linked at the top of this page. So heres to the holiday season, heres to readathons, heres to happy times and fun challenges!




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